The Practice

We are AMP Structures.

Who Are We?

Like many great things, AMP was created after a stressful week of work by two friends fed up with the status quo.

In a small pub, nestled in the shadows of Tower Bridge, we (Henry and Harvey) began talking of our frustrations of the inefficiencies of larger ‘corporate’ consultancies and we were convinced we could do better.

And so, in 2017, AMP Structures was created with a focus on delivering a service that was in line with our client’s needs. Initially operating as a Partnership whilst we found our feet, we became a Limited Company in 2019.

We have listened to developers, architects and contractors closely and looked to integrate their feedback into our business model. This means avoiding both over-specification and delivering information that is laced with caveats and small print. Clarity is key.  

Our History

  • November 2017November 2017AMP is born

    AMP Structures is conjoured up over a beer by two engineers fed up with the perceived inefficiencies of large engineering practices.

  • January 2018January 2018First project

    AMP delivers its first project design; a major house extension with internal alterations in North London. More domestic projects quickly follow including basement extensions and loft conversions. 

  • December 2018December 2018Going deeper Underground

    With the help of a structural method statement, temporary works design and stage 3 structural design all by AMP, planning is achieved on a £1m domestic basment extension in South London, AMPs biggest project to date.

  • November 2019November 2019Incorporation

    Now a much bigger beast, AMP converts from a Partnership to AMP Structures Ltd. 

  • September 2020September 202050 up

    AMP delivers its 50th project, minor works to a house in Sutton Coldfield. 

  • January 2021January 2021Full time

    After a long year of growth AMP Structures grows to support one director, Henry Appleby, in full time employment.

  • January 2021January 2021Coventry comes calling

    AMP are appointed to assist Coventry City Council with various projects associated with the City of Culture works. The beginning of a strong relationship with the city's council.

  • March 2021March 2021100 not out

    AMP delivers is 100th project, a feature rear extension with double bi-fold doors in Lichfield

  • Summer 2021Summer 2021The Cov Pod

    AMP are appointed and deliver the substructure, superstructure and structural design of the cladding systems of the now famous Coventry Train Station Tourism Pod. 

  • Spring 2021Spring 2021Stately relations

    AMP begin working for the Thorpe Constatine Estate, delivering deisgns on beautiful historic buildings including wedding accomodation and barn coversion to offices.

  • August 2021August 2021Full time (2!)

    Just 7 months from Henrys full time jump, the business has doubled in size and Harvey joins full time. 

  • September 2021September 2021Zone 1

    AMP Structures is appointed on its first major central London project, a mixed-use refurbishment on Great Malborough Street.

  • October 2021October 2021Off to market

    AMP are appointed to carry out design works for major alterations to the world famous Camden Market. 

  • November 2022November 2022First Full-time Hire

    AMP Structures welcomes Dan Wells to the team as its first full time hire.

  • November 2022November 2022Award winning consultancy

    AMP structures wins its first award in the IStructE Structural Awards 2022 Midlands Counties for the Cov Pod.

  • July 2023July 2023First Hire in London

    The AMP Structures team grows with Richard Colley joining the London Office.

  • August 2023August 2023500th Appointment

    AMP Structures is appointed on its 500th project - The Foundry.

  • August 2023August 2023The London Team Grows

    The London branch of AMP Structures grows again with the hire of George Morgan.

  • September 2023September 2023Company Rebrand

    From the logo conceived at the companies formation, AMP Structures is rebranded. Teal is the new black.

  • November 2023November 20232nd Award Win

    AMP Structures wins an award for the second year in a row at the IStructE Structural Awards 2023 Midlands Counties for its project at Thorpe Constantine. 

  • Present DayPresent DayAnd Here We Are

    AMP Structures is operating across both the Midlands and Greater London, delivering elegant and feasible structural solutions for clients.

The Team

Henry Appleby


I have for a long time taken great enjoyment in developing solutions that realise the ambitious schemes our architectural partners bring before us. Seeing structures arise that allow for the creation of spaces that can enhance our experiences and environment has become my primary source of enthusiasm.


Having designed structures across residential, retail, commercial, education, heritage, industrial and domestic I have always made it my priority to focus on the needs of our clients, tailoring out service to suit. I firmly believe communication is the most important factor in ensuring this is achieved. 

Harvey Mistry


In my extensive career as a structural engineering consultant, I’ve overseen numerous projects spanning the residential and workspace sectors, accumulating a wealth of experience in the design, delivery, and management of projects with construction values reaching up to £200M. My expertise extends across all major materials, and I have a particular focus on and passion for the refurbishment of existing structures.

My design portfolio includes a diverse array of projects, from Grade II listed buildings scattered throughout London to 1960s RC framed shopping centers, vertical extensions, and various alterations to existing housing stock. I thrive on the challenge of revitalizing and enhancing structures, breathing new life into architectural gems and modernizing functional spaces.

Beyond my project endeavours, I am deeply committed to nurturing the next generation of structural engineers. For the past decade, I have actively contributed to the regional IStructE committee, serving in various roles, including Chair. Additionally, I’ve dedicated time to lecturing as part of exam preparation courses and helped create an online training course to aid in preparing for the Professional Review Interview — an initiative undertaken during the challenging times of the Covid period.

My multifaceted experience and unwavering commitment to both innovative design and education make me a reliable partner for architects, property developers and others seeking a seasoned professional in the field of structural engineering.

Richard Colley


Following on from my Masters degree at the University of Sheffield I developed a passion for the retention and refurbishment of structures. Over the past 10 years of my career, I have had the pleasure of working on projects ranging in value from £10,000 to £1 Billion. During this time, I have gained vital experience in framed construction, deep basement formation, carbon fibre strengthening and construction sequencing of complex structures.


Outside the office I am an avid traveller and hiker, having conquered the peaks of Morocco’s High Atlas, the Peruvian Andes, the volcanos of Indonesia and Box Hill, Surrey

Daniel Wells

Senior Engineer

My passion lies in fostering collaboration with architectural counterparts to bring forth structures that seamlessly marry practicality with architectural visions. With a rich reservoir of experience primarily cultivated in the education sector, I have also delivered numerous projects in the industrial, commercial, residential, and domestic sectors.

I thrive on the challenge of crafting structures that not only meet functional needs but also achieve structural simplicity which inherently brings material and economical design efficiency.

George Morgan

Senior Engineer

Following an MEng degree in Civil and Structural engineering, I have spent my career working in both the Midlands and London, working on a wide variety of projects from residential remodelling works to government infrastructure projects. I have worked on new build schemes of various sizes and forms however my key interest is building reuse and redevelopment, giving an existing structure a new lease of life whilst saving both the existing character of the building and embodied carbon in the process.


As part of the wider project team, the value of the work we do as designers is limited to how well we can communicate it to others. I feel this is best achieved by regular and open collaboration, drawings with the end user as the design team or contractor in mind and most importantly, picking up the phone and having a conversation.

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